If you have worked in the Harvey Nichols Beauty Department in Knightsbridge, you may have met Lorenzo Mattia, Assistant Business Manager at Marc Jacobs Beauty. We sat down with Lorenzo to find out how flexible Sales Assistants from the Chimera Crew can get on his good side by raising your game on the shop-floor.

What image are you looking for in 2020?

The look for 2020 is really easy. It’s fresh skin, lightweight and dewy but not too much. Make sure you powder right. Then go for really graphic bold, statement eyes. 

What kind of customers do you expect to see at Marc Jacobs Beauty?

We see all kinds of people, from the businesswoman who knows exactly what she wants and how she wants to do her makeup on to go, to the makeup junkie, to people who don’t wear makeup. Anyone, really! This is why working with Marc Jabobs Beauty is great, you have the opportunity to learn on so many different types of people. It’s great practice.

How can a Marc Jacobs Sales Assistant really stand out to you?

To me, an employee can stand out by always demonstrating hard work and always moving. I don’t like it when people are standing there thinking “hopefully something going to happen on the shop floor”. If you don’t make it happen, it’s never going to happen. So please move and make things happen. It’s your business, so when you drive your business I will always look at you with smiling eyes.

What are some transferable skills that you can take from life onto the shop floor?

Being able to smile. As we smile when we go to clubs, or when we go out with friends, or when we feel posh and crispy at the Mercato Metropolitano. Smile like you enjoy what you do, and you enjoy speaking to the customer. The customer is a human and wants to be treated like one, so smile at them. Have a conversation, ask them about their day. I think that is the greatest skill of them all. Never forget that, yes, we have lots of products to sell but they are there for human interaction and human interaction is one of the best things.

What’s your favourite moment on the shop floor?

My favourite moment on the shop floor for Marc is ‘the wow effect’. When you see the wow effect is like when you’re like, “thank you”!

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